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  • Everyone Matters, FSA wrapping up, Happy Mother’s Day (5/13/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    2018 Everyone Matters Sharks – Medium

    The Sharks room spent some quality time discussing the important fact that everyone matters. We are so excited about this growth mindset activity that we made a video.  Check out and their beliefs, “Everyone has the right to be who they are, without judgement, shame, attack or marginalization. We encourage acceptance of others and ourselves as we are all and to thrive as our unique selves, with our unique skills.”

    FSA is wrapping up this week with 5th grade Science, as well as, the end of the year benchmark testing for all of the Sharks. Please make sure your Shark gets plenty of rest ALL week, eats a healthy breakfast or snack in the morning, and is ready to do his/her best.


  • FSA, Shout Out, Let Your Light Shine (5/8/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Please be sure to double check emails for the testing schedule. We want all of our Sharks to be well rested, well fed and ready to do their best on the remaining FSA tests. Thank you for your contribution to the Teacher Appreciation breakfast – it was very thoughtful and so kind!

     5th grade enjoying the playground.

     “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” ~ Anne Lamott   Let’s end this school year with a with reflections of how far we have come AND purposeful thoughts on goals for next year!

  • FSA schedule, Musical, For the Love of Books III (4/30/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Sharks will continue to have a modified schedule with the FSA Assessments schedule. Please check your email for the recent testing schedule.

     A sea hair spotted at the recent Harry Harris field lab.

    Sharks are working hard practicing their lines and songs for the musical on May 24 at Founders Park.

    For the Love of Books project based learning book club III will be wrapping up in a couple of weeks with project presentations. Ask your Shark if his/her attitude about reading has changed. After our final assessments are collected we hope to share the statistics about the class attitude about reading with everyone.

     5th grade enjoying the playground.

  • Projects, Headphones and English Language Arts (4/22/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    4th grade Sharks should bring in St. Augustine trip projects – these are due Tuesday, April 24. 4th grade parents please check your email for the link to the dropbox for St. Augustine trip photos.

    Parents please send in headphones to school with your Shark this week (5th and 4th grade). The headphones are needed for the upcoming FSA. Sharks field labs this week: 5th grade to Sea Camp (wet) and 4th grade to Reef Education (dry). Check the OSCS website calendar for field lab information.

    5th grade is enjoying the new language arts theme of breaking barriers through sports #fightlikeagirl. 4th grade language arts is all about ancient greek mythology and how the past effects present day #monderndaymythology

     4th Grade conquering the wall in St. Augustine  Kai the contortionist at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

  • Welcome Back! (4/16/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Welcome back Sharks from the 5th Grade trip to Panama and the 4th Grade trip to St. Augustine. We are looking forward to sharing the highlights of the trips throughout the next few weeks. If you have not liked the Ocean Studies Charter School facebook page, please check it out and follow all of the good stuff that is happening at our school. All of the Sharks will be working on a photo journalism piece to be displayed at the art gallery at the of May. Stay tuned for more information.

    4th Grade becoming Junior Rangers at the Castillo. 

    The oldest tree in St. Augustine. 

    Did you drink the water? I did. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please let Ms. Carole or Ms. Sabrah

  • The Playground, Headphones, Needed (4/9/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Please feel free to check out our new playground. The playground was built on Saturday April 7,  by OSCS staff & volunteers, KaBoom! and The Miami Dolphin Foundation. The grand opening is planned for Tuesday, April 10th, at 6:00pm. Centennial Bank will be serving hotdogs and hamburgers.

    Please send headphones with your Shark for the upcoming FSA tests.

    Luna & Boo are looking for volunteers to help care for them this summer. If you are interested in signing up for a week or two please see Ms. Carole. 

  • Playground Build Day, FSA, End of the Year Trips (4/1/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    We are so close to Build Day, if you have not registered please do so. We are still looking for a few more volunteers to help with everything from passing out water to being on a build team on the building site. Register today, you will receive a free t-shirt, free breakfast and lunch, registered children spend the day having fun in the Play Zone. You do not want to miss this event.

    All Shark families should have received an email about FSA testing this week. Please make sure your Shark is well rested, eats a healthy breakfast and comes to school with a positive attitude. All of the Sharks have been working hard throughout the school year and we are ready for the FSA. Please bring in headphones/ear buds. FSA Reading tests require them for all students.

    If your Shark is attending the 5th grade trip to Panama or the 4th grade trip to St. Augustine please make sure your payments have been received. All of the fundraising, planning, and waiting is finally paying off. These trips are right around the corner.  On Friday, Gabriel Sanchez was our special Shark guest. He discussed photo journalism, equipment, and answered questions for about one and a half hours. What a special treat for the Sharks! Sharks students will complete a photojournalism project that will be displayed at the end of the year photo gallery event.

    Sharks enjoying Cross Fit Key Largo and learning about exercise and fitness.

  • For the Love of Books III, Build Day is April 7, & Early Release (3/25/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    For the Love of Books book club groups will be confirmed by the end of the week. Students will have seven weeks to read the book, discuss at great length with book club members, decide on and have a project approved and present. PLEASE NOTE: Students will complete their projects at home. Any supplies that are needed can be retrieved from class.

    Don’t forget to register for Build Day, it’s on April 7th. We need people to serve food, pass out water, help with parking, and become a play zone ambassador. Sign up at this link

    This Friday, March 30, is an early release day. Students will be released at 11:30am. Please remember that after care will not be offered this day.

    Last Friday was a rough day away from the classroom – Slough Slogging in the Everglades.  Ask your fourth grader about this experience.

  • For the Love of Books III, Build Day, 20 minutes a day (3/18/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Welcome back!We hope everyone had a safe, restful and fun Spring Break. Sharks will not waste anytime getting back into the swim of things. For the Love of Books Book Club II has been completed. Thank you to all the students who continue to raise the bar for this project based learning. For the Love of Books III will begin soon. When the calendar is ready it will be published and sent home with each student.

    We are sure you know by now that OSCS is getting a new playground. Build Day is Saturday, April 7.  from 8:00-3:00. If you want to be involved make sure you register on-line. There will be NO ‘day of’ registration. Come and join us for this amazing experience by clicking the link to register

    Fourth grade Sharks has a wacky time during our Author’s chair reading their narrative survival story to the group. Ask your fourth grader how they will survive in the wilderness or on a mountain for some tips.                                                    

    Fifth gradeSharks are halfway through Phantom Tollbooth, a novel all about wordplay. Send your fifth grader to school with a joke or riddle for extra credit this week. Remember to have your Sharks reading at least 20 minutes a day, everyday!

  • Book Club Presentations and Technology (3/4/2018) by Sabrah Witkamp

    Last Friday’s field lab was awesome! 5th Grade Sharks ventured on a boat with the scientists from the University of Miami. Check out We learned about various research projects being conducted and participated in data collection. Do you know what a shark’s skin feel like? If not, ask your 5th Grade Shark. The 4th Grade Sharks enjoyed a day of math, writing, social studies and wrapping up their Book Club projects. 4th Graders also made models of their transportation of choice and wrote an opinion essay about why that mode of transportation had the greatest impact on Florida’s growth.


    Book Club Presentations have been scheduled for this week. Please make sure your Shark is ready to present to the class and our special guests.      

    We are trying out new apps in the Sharks room, is an app that gives students vocabulary practice with on-line flashcards. There is also a leader board to see how he/she compares to his/her classmates. Students log on with their google log-in and can practice from home.  4th Grade Sharks will have a vocabulary assessment this week.                                             Another app we are using is, this app gives students an easy way to master basic math facts in just three (3) minutes a day. Sharks can log on and complete this daily practice while waiting for his/her toast or waffle to pop up. Give it a try over Spring Break!

    Have a safe, happy and restful Spring Break. Don’t forget to bring in headphones for upcoming testing.