• Local Heroes (3/28/2018) by Jennifer Lavoie

    The Dolphin students have been taking photographs of local community heroes.
    Donna McLaughlin a professional photographer gave lessons on cameras, backgrounds, angles, and lighting. She accompanied the class to the fire and police stations and gave advice to students as they took photos of the firemen and police officers. The last photo shoot will be in front of the Keys Sanitation truck with the workers. After each photo session, the photographs are evaluated with advice given on ways to improve for the next session. On May 31st the photographs will go on display in a gallery to honor these local heroes.

  • Dolphins Observing Dolphins (2/11/2018) by Jessica Martinez

    Dolphins Observing Dolphins! (and the other way around)

    We couldn’t wait for this fun post! Yesterday, our Dolphin class visited the Island Dolphin Care facility for an amazing afternoon.  The lab was split up into two activities – the first one was an aquarium/sea life observation activity.  Students and teachers discussed what scientists do when they need to observe animals/creatures in the wild – be patient, notice everything, be patient, watch behavior, be patient, observe coloring and markings, be patient – you can see where the lesson led 🙂  After that, the kids were able to choose sea life to observe and record – everything from pufferfish to lionfish to sea urchins to lobster!

    The second half was with a Ms. Kim at IDC who spoke with the kids about invertebrates!  This wasn’t a normal lecture – nope – she did it at a full, alive and exciting touch tank!  While she is speaking of various sea life, she was able to have the kids hold, touch, interact and have a true hands on experience while the learning was happening – it’s an amazing thing to see!

    In the middle of these two great learning moments was the fun 🙂 Our Dolphin class was invited to meet and watch all the dolphins that live at that facility with their trainers! The showed the kids all the new commands the dolphins are learning, what they eat, how they interact, etc.  It was a truly magical.

    Every field lab holds its own magic, for sure.  Each one has a moment where we get to see our students interact and see/hold/handle/understand/question the world and it’s great to be there to see it.  This lab was a bit different.  The opportunity that our students had yesterday to see such amazing creatures (and their namesake!) so close and be in complete awe is something this teacher wouldn’t miss for the world.  Dolphins seeing dolphins and dolphins seeing Dolphins – it was a great day.

  • Dolphin Class (1/29/2018) by Jennifer Lavoie

    Writing and Measuring Dolphins

    Last week the Dolphin Class worked on informative paragraphs!  Spinner Dolphins based their paragraphs on the American West and the Bottlenose Dolphins wrote about seahorses.  In math Botttlenose Dolphins were engaged in addition and subtraction sentence structures, while, Spinners were introduced to standard and nonstandard measurements.  Students practiced measuring objects using cm, inches, feet, yards and meters.  They also worked on converting these measurements.  This week in Science we partnered with a local middle school to learn about mangrove restoration.  Ms. Martha will continue teaching about mangroves with our class.  In practical life we practiced the lesson of tying our shoes.

  • Swimming into the New Year! (1/12/2018) by Jessica Martinez

    The Dolphins are excited to be back together again! We spent our first week back celebrating the love of reading.  Before the winter break, students learned some new strategies in choosing a good book using the iPICK system.  iPICK gives the student a way of independently assessing if a book is the right level for them along with ownership and excitement of choosing something they would be interested in reading.  iPICK is an acronym for:

    I – I chose my book.

    P – Purpose – Why do I want to read it?

    I – Interest – Does it interest me?

    C – Comprehend – Do I understand what I’m reading?

    K – Know – Do I know most of the words?

    After the students chose a book, they were to read it and complete a book project over the break. We spent this first week having the students present their projects and they did an amazing job! What creativity we have in this class!

    See below for some of our student presenters!